Special Offers in Athens and Surrounding Areas

The 2016 Holiday Season is rapidly approaching!  We kick things off with Halloween, followed by a whole host of others.  We will start seeing the yard decorations with Halloween, and with all of those lighted decorations there will be an amazing web of extension cords and plug strips deployed to make it all work.  Although we all love to see a nicely decorated yard, it can be very dangerous to people, property, and pets if it is not properly protected.

At Hollis Electrical Service, our electrician can install a GFCI protected receptacle on the exterior of your home that is in a convenient location for you to plug your lights and other decorations into.  GFCI protected circuits will help prevent electrical shock from possibly frayed cords and broken bulbs.

As an upgrade, how would you like the convenience of having your holiday receptacle work off of a switch right there inside your home?  We can typically fish new wire inside the walls without damaging any of the drywall or wall covering.  Rather than having to go outside every night to unplug the lights, just hit the switch.  And at dusk, flip it again to turn them back on.  How convenient would that be?!

And finally, there is one more option if you want to plug and forget.  We can operate your holiday receptacle off of the day/night cycle automatically.  Your lights will come on at dusk, and go off at dawn.  This is a great option for clients who may be taking an extended vacation but would like their holiday lights to continue to come on and off.

Every home is different, so just give us a call at 706-612-5145 today to schedule a site visit and receive your free estimate.  But the schedule fills up fast, so don't delay!

Our Current Special Offers in Athens For Your Home Electrical Wiring Needs!

322 Point Electrical Inspection.  Just $339.00*

When was the last time a professional had a look at your wiring?  With our comprehensive 322 point home electrical inspection, you will have the knowledge necessary to make repair decisions before they become unexpected disasters.    If it has been a couple of years since your last inspection, give us a call today.  706-612-5145

*This price is valid for residential single family homes up to 3000 square feet.  For larger homes, additional charges will apply.

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