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A customer in Barrow County, Ga was trying to sell their home.  A home inspector noted on his report that the bathroom GFCI's didn't work, so we were called out to repair.  The customer stated that the outlets have never worked in any of the bathrooms since the day they moved into the house.  When we opened up the first outlet, it was obvious why the receptacle didn't work...there was an air gap between the wires and the device...hehe.  We hooked the wires up and all of the bath receptacles in both bathrooms started working.  Amazing how the electricity flows better when you actually connect the wires to the point of use!

Title Picture Explained

The National Electrical Code requires that all electrical devices be installed in a listed enclosure.  That means that a receptacle has to be in a junction box.  But the guys that wired this house decided to use the slash and burn method;  slash the price to get work and maybe the house  won't burn down during the one year warranty period.

We found this at the same house where we found the GFCI problem in the title picture above.  The home inspection report found that the outdoor GFCI receptacle did not work.  When we removed it to replace it, we just said "WOW!".

Boxes?  We don't need no stinking boxes!!

The wires were never connected!

The receptacle is just screwed to a hole in the wall!!

This page is dedicated to exposing all of the shoddy work that we come across on a seemingly daily basis that makes an electrician say "WOW!".  Now, with the modern miracle of smartphones, we are able to capture these jewels on camera and share them for all the world to enjoy!  We will keep this page updated regularly with some of the more interesting finds we come across.  Not all of these posts will be from electrical problems we find.  We find the occasional bat in a wall, snake skin in an attic, and other interesting things in addition to crazy electrician fallacies.  Check back often for the next WOW moment!

Let's Blame The Dog!!

Believe it or not, a dog actually broke this receptacle...with its TAIL!  It was a grey hound dog.  When the customer told me what happened, I said "WOW!".  The dog is fine.

That electrician has a few screws loose!

I Can't Believe An Electrician Did That!

We were called out to a house in Athens GA to investigate a flickering light issue.  Right away, the panel was the number one suspect.  Sure enough, upon closer inspection these loose wires were discovered.  It appears as thought the screw was never tightened down onto the wires (not to mention the doubled wires under a common terminal, which is a code violation).  A loose connection like this causes a hot point and will actually melt the insulation off of the copper.  This panel had other problems as well, and we eventually replaced the whole thing.