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Why Do I Want Menu Pricing?

Menu Pricing, also know as flat rate or up front pricing, is a pricing system use by some electrical contractors that allows the customer to make an informed decision before authorizing any electrical work, rather than waiting until the job in complete and then being blindsided with sticker shock.  When the technician arrives at your home, they will review the scope of work with you and then prepare a quote with an app on their tablet device while they are at your home.  If you approve of the scope of work and the price, you can sign the tablet and a digital quote will be emailed directly to you.  No papers!  Then when the work is completed to your satisfaction, simply sign off on the work (again on the tablet) and receive the invoice in your email.

What Is Menu Pricing?

Would you buy a steak dinner without knowing how much it's going to cost you?  Probably not.  The same goes for just about anything you purchase; a gallon of milk, tires for your car, the list is endless.  Yet for some reason, people think that the only way to buy the trades services is through "time and material", or T&M, pricing.  The main problem with T&M pricing is the unknown factor;  you really have no idea how much the final bill is going to hit you for.  Some of the other issues with T&M pricing include:

  • Who pays for the phone calls that the technician receives?
  • Who pays for the trips to the part store if the technician needs additional parts?
  • How do you know if the technician is working as efficiently as they are capable of?
  • Is the technician going to take a lunch break on your dime?

With Menu Pricing, none of those issues matter, because the price is fixed whether we need additional parts, have to make phone calls, or whatever else may distract us.  With T&M pricing the risk is on the homeowner, but with Menu Pricing the risk is on the contractor!

Up Front Pricing For Electrical Work